Python Programming 101

New York, 115W 30th St.
Python Programming 101
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  • Art Yudin
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Ever wondered how to get started with Python programming? Look no further than Python Programming 101 – a live Python tutorial in NYC with expert instructors from Practical Programming. This is a “Python for absolute beginners” workshop – the best Python class that caters to complete beginners who have never coded before. Python programming is the hottest trend in software engineering – it can be learned quickly and easily, and can be used to automate the boring stuff in your projects.


The goal of this live workshop is to help people who have never coded before get started with Python programming. We will explain core principles of programming and Python. Get a taste of programming and get your feet wet with simple but practical Python code. During this 3-hour workshop, we will take our first steps with Python. We will install Python, and learn how to create and run Python files. We will cover the cornerstones of programming, Python Built-In Data Types (integer, float, and string). We will also learn how to apply Python functions and methods. 

We call ourselves Practical Programming, so we will do a bunch of easy to follow and understand exercises, which you can easily repeat on your own after this class.

Who should attend:

Anyone who wants to make their first steps in programming and find out what the Python programming language is all about. If you are new to coding and want to get started in programming, you can learn the basics of Python at Python Programming 101 instructor-led workshop in NYC.


  • How to install Python
  • How to get started with Python.
  • How to Create and Run Python files
  • Built-In Data Types: Int, Float and String
  • Built-In functions and methods
  • Conditional statements If and Else
  • Automate the boring stuff with python
  • Serge Reda
    Thu, Mar 28

    I took the Python Programming 101 class with Art. It was an incredible class. Art is an amazing teacher. He explains everything methodically and gives real life application examples, which is the whole purpose of why I took this class in the first place - to start with automating mundane tasks that I do every day. I had no prior experience with coding of any kind and after the class, I can write my own small Python scripts. I highly recommend this class with Art as the teacher.

Things To Remember

  • Please bring your own laptop to class.
  • We will help you to install all the programs you need in class.
  • If you withdraw one day before the course start date, any deposit paid will be refunded in full.
  • If you cannot attend classes for which you were charged, you could join next cohort and make up the missed classes.