The huge demand for single-page dynamic applications drove the popularity of React and React Native. These days React is a clear choice to design robust web apps. If you google it you see that React is a top JavaScript library. Simplicity and versatility make React easy to learn and use. The concept behind React is a small block of code – called component. The beauty of React is that you can use the same component over and over again.

In this course, we will cover all major aspects of React and React Native. We will start with basics and learn how to compose components. To understand the workflow under the hood we will learn the life cycle of a React component. During this course, we will build three fully working apps. One powered by React for a desktop. The other two are for iOS and Android phones running on React Native. We will go through the whole cycle from an idea to full deployment on a server. Also, we will build mobile versions to list them on the App store and Google play store. While building apps we will cover questions like “what is a difference between props and state”. Commonly asked questions at a job interview. Who should take this course: People planning to become full-stock Web Developers. Anybody who wants to build Web apps and Mobile apps. JavaScript developers who want to learn React and React Native. Please keep in mind that this course covers React, a JavaScript library, and we expect you to have some knowledge of JavaScript before enrolling in this course.

This course has a prerequisite

Students should be comfortable with the fundamentals of JavaScript equivalent to our JavaScript & jQuery class.