In this 72-hour certificate, students will learn the necessary skills to become front-end React web and mobile developers. This immersive course teaches students how to develop web and mobile applications using React and React Native. After completing this certificate, students will be able to apply for the following roles: React Developer, Front End Web Developer, and Mobile Developer (with React Native).

Students will learn all major aspects of React and React Native. This section will start with basics such as learning how to compose components which are the foundations of React. Students will quickly move onto more advanced concepts such as API calls, environmental variables, and web hooks. During the certificate, the cohort will build three fully working apps: a desktop application using React, and an IOS and Android app using React Native. 

In the last weeks of the course, students will be able to work on their own projects which will be guided by the lead instructor. Additionally, there will be lectures covering interview prep, resume support, and developer tools. 

This course has a prerequisite

Students should be comfortable with the fundamentals of JavaScript equivalent to our JavaScript & jQuery class.