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For  years, we have perfected the craft of teaching. We use our own time-tested curriculum and custom workbooks we wrote. Practical Programming’s “learn, then practice” teaching method results in students learning and retaining much more than traditional “follow along” classes.

I always have fears to do coding. My friend recommended this "Python Immersive" one-week camp. The instructor, Thalo, is great at explaining the concepts. Especially, he is very patient and helpful. I strongly recommend this camp to those who want to learn Python coding from A to Z.

I really liked the teachers, they are very nice and patient with their students. It was difficult but you do get out what you put in, so do be prepare to work! Great price and and great experience. I would definitely recommend.

I didn't expect to learn much in a 4 session Python course, but Art's teaching style was very fitting for the subject. As the Chinese proverb states: Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand.

Practical Programming designed a 9-session, in-house training course that benefitted our novice and more advanced Python programmers alike. The training materials were clear and well-prepared, and the applied exercises served to reinforce important concepts. Art was friendly, patient, and readily available to provide support both during and between each training session. I highly recommend Practical Programming if you are seeking accessible and comprehensive Python training for your team

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Upcoming Data Science & Programming Courses

August 2021
August 3–12
Tuesdays & Thursdays 6–9pm EDT
12 Hours

Learn how to use CSS flexbox and grid to layout and align webpage content, and make it adapt to different size screens. See how both of these newer CSS techniques are useful, and when to use each. You’ll also learn how to use Bootstrap (which uses Flexbox) to build out layouts quickly.

August 10–November 30
Weeknights 6–9pm EDT
90 Hours

Learn the essential skills and tools to become a Python Developer. This beginner-friendly course teaches students Python for software development with Django and Django REST in addition to other developer tools such as Git and SQL. 

August 10–September 14
Tuesdays & Thursdays 6–9pm EDT
30 Hours

Learn to code in this beginner hands-on Python programming course. This course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of Python programming fundamentals and get you coding on your own. You'll learn how to professionally structure your programs and solve real-world challenges using Object-Oriented Programming. You'll also work on your own coding projects for your portfolio, and learn the common questions asked in a Python job interview.

August 16–September 2
Weekdays 10–5pm EDT
84 Hours

Master the tools to become a data scientist: Python, SQL, automation, and machine learning. Learn Python programming fundamentals and analyze data with Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib, and query databases with SQL. Use machine learning to apply regressions and other statistical analysis to create predictive models.

August 16–September 13
Weekdays 10–5pm EDT
102 Hours

Learn Python for financial analysis, machine learning, and SQL from experienced finance & engineering professionals in this 102-hour immersive.

August 16–27
Monday to Friday 10–4pm EDT
60 Hours

Learn the Django framework to develop web applications. You’ll learn URL dispatchers, querying models, and automating tasks with Django. Then move on to Django REST (a Django framework) which covers how to work with images, authentication, and using API endpoints.

August 16–17
Monday to Tuesday 10–5pm EDT
12 Hours

August 16–27
Monday to Friday 10–4pm EDT
72 Hours

August 16–20
Monday to Friday 10–5pm EDT
30 Hours

Learn Python and boost your career with data science. You’ll learn the world’s most popular programming language through real-world dataset analysis. Manipulate data, learn how to make predictions, and gain the foundational skills you need to use Python on the job or start your data science career.

August 17–September 2
Tuesdays & Thursdays 6–9pm EDT
18 Hours

Make your webpages more interesting and interactive with JavaScript & jQuery. Learn how to hide and show elements, add slideshows, validate forms, and much more. Once you know how to use jQuery & plugins, a whole world of cool things becomes available!

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