JavaScript Immersive

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JavaScript Immersive
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  • Stephen Peralta
  • Beginner
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We’ve taken several steps to protect our associates and students: all seats are located 6 ft apart, people are encouraged to wear masks, and we sanitize our classrooms regularly.


One Week course, Total In-class, 35hrs. The world of web technology continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of consumers and businesses. Nowadays, web applications must be lightning fast and error free for it be considered state of the art. This in turn generates a high demand for engineers to deliver quality code by utilizing the most up to date features in frontend technology. Therefore, this bootcamp is designed to have beginner coders a chance to hone their skills and build an advanced web application from scratch. No previous experience is required. Over the course of a week, you will work with a team to build and develop a working application. Your application will allow users to search and fetch movie titles that are linked to a database, watch movie trailers and even post comments on your live site. Did we mention this will be all from scratch??? Join today and get the beginner coding experience of a lifetime that serves to be a value to you and your future software engineering career.


What you get from this bootcamp: 1) Develop fundamental skills in Four coding languages that are considered the most popular web languages as of 2018 Javascript, HTML, CSS and Node JS. 2) A full stack highly performant web application to be marketed to employers 3) Develop real agile experience to be marketed to employers

Course objectives:

1) Learn to apply Javascript code from scratch starting simply from its data types then working into building advanced web apps 2) Learn to apply HTML and CSS code from scratch by building a simple web application then working into a more advanced web application project 3) Developing a core skillset around single page application technology (Node JS)


  • Web Development Roots
  • Javascript data types of native functionality.
  • Current web development frameworks
  • Application development
  • React component based architecture
  • Build your own Web App from scratch
  • Have a project on GitHub to show potential employers
  • Andy Tan
    Mon, Apr 08

    I took this course because I wanted to expedite my coding journey. I tried to self-teach through a few coding websites but progress was lackluster, mostly because I realized I learnt better in a more controlled and in-class environment. The course was well structured and what made the course awesome was the coding instructor, Jano Roze. He was a very patient instructor, constantly checking on on each of our progress to guide us through the syllabus, and he was most importantly, very effective at ensuring we learn what we needed to learn. The project was a good way for us to get our feet wet and we built a working website that pulled data from an API. I learnt more during this 5 days than I did on my own the past few months. Definitely money well spent, especially given the other coding classes were much pricier. The teacher to student ratio was excellent was we each received good attention from the instructor. This achieved what I was expecting and more. I would highly recommend this JavaScript immersive course and Jano Roze. I also made friends with the other students who were also nice folks.

    Mon, Apr 08

    After taking this class I learned a great deal of what its like to be a programmer. Coming in I had a little of self learned experience but thanks to this class I defiantly know my next steps in pursuing this career. The instructor was very thorough and was more then willing to explain concepts more then once until I understood it.

Things To Remember

  • Please bring your own laptop to class.
  • We will help you to install all the programs you need in class.
  • If you withdraw one day before the course start date, any deposit paid will be refunded in full.
  • If you cannot attend classes for which you were charged, you could join next cohort and make up the missed classes.