Introduction to Python

Chicago, 29 E Madison St.
Introduction to Python
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  • Thalo Menninga
  • Python
  • Beginner
    Skill Level


Starting from scratch we learn how to start using Python and build a foundation for programming in Python. We learn and master how to use major data structures which include Strings, Lists, Dictionaries and Sets. We practice solving common problems usually asked at job interviews and learn how to write efficient and fast Python code. During this program, we cover Big-O notation, the time complexity of an algorithm, and learn most common sorting algorithms. We also learn how to open TXT and CSV files and analyze the data.


Will there be additional resources and homework? Yes! Students will be provided weekly assignment to enhance their Python knowledge and conceptual understanding. Homeworks and resources are reviewed weekly.


  • Pillars of programming: Python built-in Data types
  • Concept of mutability and behavior of different Data structures.
  • Control flow statements: If, Elif and Else
  • Definite loops: For loops
  • Writing user-defined functions in Python
  • Read and write Text and CSV files with python
  • Best practices of programming
  • Barbara
    Fri, Mar 29

    Thalo Menninga was an excellent instructor, very helpful and easy to work with which makes is easy and fun to learn. Thalo was always willing to help and walk thru explanations without giving the answer. I learned so much in the 3 sessions and would recommend Thalo as an instructor

Things To Remember

  • Please bring your own laptop to class.
  • We will help you to install all the programs you need in class.
  • If you withdraw one day before the course start date, any deposit paid will be refunded in full.
  • If you cannot attend classes for which you were charged, you could join next cohort and make up the missed classes.