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Classes available in-person (strict social distancing) or live online with an extended free retake period. See details.

Get Started in Data Science

Free Seminar

Come learn about the hype behind Python and data science! In this seminar, you’ll start off by learning about why Python is emerging as the language of data. We’ll discuss the advantages that Python offers, with its human-friendly design and its vibrant open source community.

This seminar will also break down the topic of data science. We’ll explain what it is, the process of doing data science, and the different skills that a data scientist needs. Finally, we’ll see these skills applied to a real-world dataset.

Learn on the essentials of Python and data analysis with our Python for Data Science class, or you can dive into our full Data Science Certificate.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Why Python is becoming the language of data
  • Advantages of open source software
  • Skills involved in data science
  • How far you can go without math
  • Essential tools used by data scientists
  • Demonstration of how to analyze a dataset
  • Students learning coding at Practical Programming

    Hands-on Training

    In our hands-on programming courses, you'll dive into coding within the first 10 minutes of training. After watching a professional demo, students work through hands-on exercises to gain real-world programming experience.

  • Learn from Professionals in Small Classes

    Professional instructors will guide you through programming exercises throughout our courses, and you'll receive feedback regarding alternative solutions and best practices. Classes are kept small to give students as much individual attention as possible. 

Highly Reviewed by Our Alumni

From our hands-on training style to world-class instructors and proprietary curriculum, we deliver a learning experience our alumni can be proud of.