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What is ReactJS & Why Is It So Popular?

ReactJS, usually just called React, is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React was developed to build the front end of a website. It is the most popular framework of its kind.

React can be combined with other libraries to create entire applications for the web, mobile devices, or Windows desktop. It’s owned and maintained by Facebook but it remains open-source and free.

React Web Development

What Are Python Libraries and What Are They Used For?

Python libraries and frameworks are one of the major benefits of Python. A framework is like a blueprint while a library is more like a module. They’re both chunks of reusable code that are secure and standard. Sometimes the words library and framework are used interchangeably.


What is Python Used For?

Python is one of the world’s most popular programming languages, and for good reason. Hundreds of companies use Python for data science, machine learning, web development, app development, and fintech. Large companies can easily collaborate on projects that are written in Python because it’s easy to read, easy to learn, and its libraries and frameworks make everything more efficient.


Why is Python So Popular & Why You Should Learn It

Python is a programming language that was created in 1991 to make coding fun and fast by using English-like code and lots of white space. It’s easy to learn, has a strong global support network, and is regarded as the most versatile programming language in the world. 

Python has been growing exponentially in popularity over the past decade and is predicted to continue moving up the charts among the world’s most popular coding languages. From job opportunities to job growth, there are a plethora of reasons to learn Python right now!