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Practical Programming, in partnership with Noble Desktop, offers immersive training for aspiring data scientists and software developers.

What Do Python Developers Do?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It’s remarkably versatile while also being easy to learn. Python is perfect for beginners because it’s simple syntax and object-oriented compatibility make it more approachable to novice coders. This popular programming language is blowing up in the job market. 

One of the reasons for Python’s extreme popularity is its universal compatibility with APIs and many other coding languages such as C/C++ and Java. Python is used and partially funded by Google and Microsoft because they use it in almost all of their technologies, so it’s sure to be well-supported and around for a long time. 

Python Web Development

What Is Front End Development?

What is a Front End Developer?

A front end developer builds the front end, also known as the client-side, of a website or web application. They’re in charge of coding the interactive visual elements that users interact within a web application. Front end developers work with back end developers, designers, and managers to build, maintain, and troubleshoot websites. 

Web Development

JavaScript: What Is It, Popular Libraries, & Why Learn It

JavaScript is the number one programming language in the world and the most prevalent language in web development. About 97% of all websites in the world were built with JavaScript. That means that there are over 1.5 billion websites being powered by JavaScript.

React Web Development JavaScript

What Is Data Science & Why Should I Learn It?

Data Science is a relatively new field in the tech world. There are organizations in nearly every industry going digital and with the transition comes huge amounts of data. Data is extremely useful for business. Data scientists and analysts are more in-demand than they’ve ever been before.

Python Data Science

Why Learn SQL?

Data is an important part of web applications, mobile apps, and, of course, data science. Data for these applications is stored in a database system. Developers and data scientists need to be able to access that data, manipulate it, extract it, and create it. That’s where SQL comes in! 

SQL is operating the databases behind the social networks we use, the apps on our computers, and even our online banking transactions. It’s useful for almost any industry and any application that needs to store or access data.

Data Science SQL

Why Is Python Popular In Machine Learning?

Machine learning uses data to teach a machine how to make an informed decision based on patterns in datasets. Python can be used for every stage of machine learning from data extraction to the development of complex algorithms. Python’s massive selection of libraries makes machine learning easier than ever. 

Python is the most beginner-friendly programming language for machine learning. It offers an easy to read syntax and a strong support network. Machine learning is complex, but Python offers libraries to help developers create faster and more securely.

Python Data Science

Why Is Python Popular In Data Science?

Data Science is used by businesses and researchers alike to find meaningful insights into the numbers. IT, e-commerce, healthcare, news organizations, political campaigns, and more are using data science to maximize their work. In 2018, 66% of data scientists reported using Python every day. 

Python is a beginner-friendly programming language with an easy to read syntax and simple testing mechanisms. It’s loved by developers around the world who make up a strong support network for this open-source tool. 

Python Data Science

Why is Python Popular in FinTech?

Python is one of the most in-demand programming languages for those working in the financial services sector. The number of Python jobs in the financial sector has more than doubled over the past two years. Some banks even offer Python classes or training for their analysts and traders as a part of their onboarding and continuing education. 

It’s true that Java used to be the go-to language for fintech applications, but Python is closing in fast on Java’s number one slot. Python is the perfect programming language for banking, fintech, and financial app development.

Python FinTech

Why Use Django For Web Development?

Django is insanely popular and widely used. It’s the blueprint for a full website. The creators of Django say that it’s a “complete web framework – batteries included.” This framework has made using Python for web development easier than ever before. 

This application of Python was revolutionary for the already versatile programming language. It has set the stage for Python to creep into the number slot on the list of most popular programming languages in the world.

Python Web Development

Why Use React Native for Mobile Development?

React Native is essentially the JavaScript React framework for native applications. React Native can be used for cross-platform development. It enables front end developers to build native applications (apps) for Android and iOS using React – a JavaScript library. 

React Native is written in JavaScript but rendered in the native platform’s user interface (UI) so you can easily write your app in a language you know but use the same native platform APIs that other apps use.