Python Immersive July 2017

Python Immersive is a solid programming course to a wide variety of programming fundamentals, using python as the general purpose language.

Read what our students have to say about their experiences with Python Immersive Course.


I signed up for this class during my summer break from college. What I was hoping for was to improve my python programming skills. What I didn't expect to get was an eye-opening experience to the vast use of python in every aspect of coding - from solving simple problems , to creating API classes. And then applying that knowledge to file input data analysis, web scraping and Pandas, NumPy and Matplotlib for analyzing and visual representation of financial data publicly available on the internet. You'll also learn how to collaborate professionally with GitHub and Slack and you'll create your own portfolio of projects to show to prospect employers. The format of the course is very hands-on. You'd go in the morning, finish up and discuss your homework with the mentors and then you'll have a lecture and practice exercises to better understand the material. The lecturers are very knowledgeable and there's no "lazy teaching" like some other places where they'd just give you exercise and expect you to already know the stuff and come up with solutions. NO. They'd explain everything in detail, make sure everybody understands before moving on. Very helpful and attentive teachers. They would often sit down with students individually and help them or give more info if they see everybody's struggling. It was a great learning experience and unmatched quality for the money! Highly recommend!


I thoroughly enjoyed programming Python by taking "Python immersive" course. I was completely new to programming and I had hesitation before taking this course. Later, when I took this course, on the first day of class, I gained lot of confidence after the lecture of Art. Later, I gained lot of knowledge day by day in python and the best part of this course is homework and project (each week, totally 2). The classes are teaching by Art and Sean. Both of them have lot of experience in python. I would like to appreciate Wesley and Sasha (TA's of this course) for their input and guidance every day. It would've been difficult without their help. I really enjoyed the two weeks pf this course. I would like to enroll for the classes taken by Art and Sean. Finally, the course is conducted in Manhattan (near Empire State Building)!!! I enjoyed traveling to Manhattan daily!! :) Thank you Art, Sean, Wesley and Sasha.

Manish Abbi

The course was very interesting. We reviewed Python from the basics to the more advanced subjects. Art and the TA's checked everyone's laptop to see if people were on track. The exercises were very helpful and helped everyone learn about the lecture material. I recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn Python. The course will definitely broaden your knowledge of programming and data science.


The course is a bit too intensive as a lot has been packed into 2 weeks especially to someone who is not familiar with programming. It requires a lot of practice on a very regular basis.

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